How to organize a Pantry

inside cabinet door 1

A small pantry makes it easier to find what you are looking for.  Think visibility and access. A few simple buckets (I like these from The Container Store) make optimal use of a small space.  I chose these for their straight sides that don’t waste horizontal space. 

(1) I start most projects by pulling everything out. (2) Check expiration dates, and send to “green waste” everything you can compost at home or see what your local city/county allows you to add to the yard trim bin (3) Dedicate the easy-to-see shelves to the most used items (4) Small items in bins like spices and condiments (5) Examine what’s left: Group seasonal items together, group dried goods like pasta and beans, what other groups do you have? 

Everything else: either donate or compost/recycle.

Great idea: Put up a cork board and hang a pen on the inside of your pantry door. It’s a good place to keep your shopping list.

If you can’t get motivated to improve how you use your spaces, hire an organizer! 

kitchen cabinet 1

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