Digital Life

date book and phone

laptop and datebookEver find yourself looking for a scrap of paper with a phone number or important name on it?  The beauty of digital filing is retrievability.  You can use your computer’s file management to search for every incident of the name “Bob” in all documents, or in your email box.  With a little planning you will have a desktop filing system that’s a little like a house, with places for things social, food, health, educational, projects, etc.

We can do a lot in two hours.  First we draft a chart or “bubble map” of the areas of your personal and professional life that need digital storage space.  We build a file structure that you like, and then you can leverage my time to get things in the right places, or block out some of your own time to chip away at this.  Its a great activity to do while listening to music.

If you have documents that need scanning, or receipts that need tallying, and cant seem to fit it all in, call Janet.  After digitizing you can put your paper documents in the most remote storage areas, well-labeled and sealed, because its likely you will not have to go through them again!

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