Janet head shot 1 2012

Do you spend way too much time looking for things?

Wish that “to-do” list would just get “to-done” instead of getting longer?

Waiting for a new comet to be discovered before you clear out the catch-all room? 

(Haven’t been through the basement in 5 years, and wondering what’s down there anyway…)

Maybe you are anticipating a move, hosting a big event or have mobility and access issues…

Relax. Breathe. Call Janet today. You can stop feeling guilty about unfinished projects and get them done or get them off your calendar. You CAN get more time back in your life and free your mind from the clutter and mess of overflowing paperwork and closets.

Get a handle on your paperwork or scan it all now!  Create a system

Remake a room – staging your favorite things and create your ideal resort atmosphere at home.

Come home and just “be” instead of coming home to degrees of chaos.

It’s time to hit the reset button.  Maybe you just need new storage ideas, or a room-by-room makeover. Its going to feel great when you get a handle on your stuff and enjoy your space and time again!

Janet will help you make decisions, adding structure, documentation and systems you will love to the process of getting organized. Organizing a home office, managing a move or planning a reunion? Bring Janet in for your next project. Here are some of the projects she can help you get started on today.

Information Organizing
Computer files management
Computer preventative maintenance
Paper management

Creative ideas for unused spaces!

Art arrangement
Baby preparations
Closet design
Container gardening
Efficiency systems
Fix broken items
Flower arranging
Furniture assembly
Gallery art display
Holiday shopping and shipping
Home office
Home showing and moving
Moving in
Moving out
Packing up
Pantry expiration dates
Seasonal décor
Shelving design
Sorting for heirs
Staging furniture
Storage units
Stress reduction
Transformation and maintenance